Real Customer Testimonials

Super fast delivery, express postage is a must! Barely even hit pay and it was at the door!

Terry Renwick

I used to smell like an ashtray but now I smell like strawberry muffins

Geoffrey Hansen

I can't get enough of the delicious taste of iGet. Every puff is so juicy and flavoursome

Jessica Reynolds

The only downside to picking up an iGet is deciding which flavour to choose

Joshua McDonald

I was going through at least $50 a day on cigarettes. Since making the switch, I'm on just one XXL every 3 days. If my maths is right, I'm pocketing over $120 a week!

Hunter Fray

Finest Selection of Cream Chargers

Make amazing cream creations at home, whipping up is a piece of cake!
Multiple culinary uses, use it to infuse cocktails, flavour sauces, make mousse and so much more!


Range of Party Supplies

Have you forgotten the decorations last minute? Well iGetOz has got you covered! Check out our range now!


Lowest Prices on Vapes and e-Cigarettes

Do you love vaping? We've got you covered with a selection of vapes and e-cigarettes including iGet Max, iGet Shion, iGet XXL and PuffPlus!

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