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Meta: Vaping is, like smoking cigarettes, associated with stress relief and calming anxiety. Is this true, though? Take a look and find out for yourself here.

Life moves at such a pace that is almost accepted that you will anxious during your week. If you can manage to get through even a week or two of your life without being overly stressed, then congratulations are in order. For many of us, though, stress is simply something we live with; something we moderate with the use of stress relief aides. For example, smoking and vaping are very common stress relievers. Is this true, though? Does vaping help with stress and/or anxiety?

Let’s look a little closer at this often misconstrued subject.

Vaping can release tension in the moment

When you start to vape, your mind essentially begins to slow down. The inhalation and exhalation means that you are giving your body and mind a moment to just release a sense of calmness. When you inhale, your body releases a chemical that immediately speaks to the mind regarding calmness and consideration. That is very important. It gives you that moment to simply slow down your train of thought and perhaps look at the problem from another angle.

The taste of liquid

Another benefit is that, for many, the smells and tastes of the e-liquid they use can play a role in reducing stress. It might be down to how you associate a particular scent or flavour, or simply because it is something that you enjoy.

The calming and relaxing nature of these smells and flavours means that you get to enjoy a much more comfortable moment with your vape. Add in the fact that vaping has a fraction of the potential health risks and issues than smoking, and you also do not have that worry that every draw is actually damaging you.

A habit that feels safer

Speaking of safety, a major reason why so many people turn to using vapes is the safety aspect when compared to smoking. When you smoke cigarettes, you know that you are doing something that, in reality, could hurt your body. The carcinogens involved, the combustion, the chemicals. None of it is great for our bodies.

Vaping, when compared to smoking, has a negligible impact on your body. So, you can enjoy a habit that does not stress you out by worrying about the long-term consequences!

Pay attention to the paradox

Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that, like anything else, you have to moderate your usage. If you become so used to vaping just to try and get short-term stress relief, you become almost reliant on vaping. This means that if you cannot vape, your stress levels increase. Naturally we want to avoid that as best we can, so you should look to use vaping as a momentary stress relief solution.

Is something causing you to feel chronic stress? Then no amount of vaping can solve that issue. Instead, you need to find out the root cause and do something about it. Vaping makes an excellent tool for momentary stress-relief – say, for example, calming down after a stressful period in work, or getting your mind feeling less ‘racy’ before you go into an interview. It is not, though, a cure for serious life problems and chronic stress – these stress factors need more work, more time, and more professional therapy to resolve.

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