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Saving money vaping – fact or fiction?

When looking into all of the many benefits of vaping, one of the benefits that is often proclaimed is the money-saving aspect. Saving money vaping is, alongside the long-term health benefits, sold as the primary boon. Is this the case, though? If you are a smoker, can vaping be the cheaper option?

At iGet Oz, we spend a lot of time convincing people that moving on from traditional cigarettes is in their interest. Saving money vaping with an iGet Vape is just one of the benefits you can enjoy. Let us take a look, then, at the reality of how much you can save if you choose to turn to vaping over traditional smoking.

How much do people spend on smoking?

In Australia, the price of cigarettes is among the highest that you will find anywhere in the world. The tobacco tax, sitting at around 12.5% at the time of writing, is extremely high. Indeed, on average, if you were to smoke twenty cigarettes per day of a respected brand, you could be spending over $10,000 per year just on cigarettes. That is a lot of money!

Given the average wage in Australia is around $89,000, you could be spending a significant proportion of your money on smoking alone.

How much do people spend on vaping?

While figures are ever-changing due to the vaping market still growing, the facts are this: vaping is much cheaper!

Indeed, a typical vaping device, such as an iGet Vape, will cost you around $25 on average. This single device, could last you up to a week with ease!

With an e-vape like our iGet Vapes, you could be spending around $1,100-1,200 per year. Can you see the difference? We are not a million miles off a 90% decrease in cost!

Cut the cost of smoking with an iGet Vape

So, as you can see, it is so much easier to save money per year by changing to vaping. The traditional cost of vaping is much more manageable and affordable – all without having to actually cut back on your smoking enjoyment.

You could be saving thousands of dollars per year. Think about how many times you feel like money is tight towards the end of the month. By investing in one of our iGet Vapes, you could be saving hundreds of dollars per month – and thousands across the year – compared to what you are spending just now.

If you get into the habit of making your own e-liquid (albeit this is an advanced skill not recommended for newbies), you could save even more!

Why not take a look at our iGet Vapes today, then? Starting today, you could enjoy all of the benefits of smoking, and next to none of the drawbacks. Spend less, enjoy the same habit, and avoid the potential health risks all at once. Does that sound like an investment worth making both now and in the future?