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Is vaping good for my health?

When it comes to vices and ways to spend our time, smoking is one of the most common past times in Australia. While the health risks of smoking have long been understood, it is still a habit that a great many people pick up in their life. It can be a comfortable habit to fall into, but when it becomes a lifelong habit smoking can naturally have some long-term drawbacks.

In the eyes of many, then, vaping is the ‘healthy’ alternative that means you do not have to give up smoking entirely. Is this true, though? Is vaping good for my health?

Why is smoking bad for my health?

Cigarettes are made up using far more than just tobacco and cigarette papers. For the most part, the cigarettes you smoke are made up using a chemical combination of over 7,000 different chemicals released during the smoking process. This means that every time you light up a cigarette, you are creating a damaging mixture for your lungs to be inhaling.

Cigarettes are made up using an eye-watering number of ingredients, including chemical products like benzene. Then, the actual process of smoking means using a lighter to combust the cigarette. This creates many of the chemicals that are released, and is a major source of the carcinogens that go into your lungs. As the famous quote goes, it’s not the nicotine that kills, it’s the smoke.

Smoking has long been established as a dangerous habit both inside and outside of Australia. Indeed, the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) claims that around one in five deaths in America are attributed to smoking cigarettes.

Is vaping good for my health?

Compared to not smoking/vaping anything at all? Probably not. If you are a smoker, though, then vaping is definitely better for your health than smoking. Just some of the reasons why vaping beats smoking includes:

  • Vaping e-liquid is made up of four safe ingredients, not a chemical compound
  • You do not combust when vaping, meaning there is no carcinogen-building smoke
  • Vaping provides the same stress relief in the short-term that smoking provides
  • It is also good for your financial health, as vaping is much cheaper than smoking cigarettes
  • If you are serious about stopping smoking entirely, vaping can be easier to give up long-term

Another reason is that second-hand vapour has been shown to be far less risky to others who inhale it. While some suggest it could still be potentially harmful to others due to the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the vapour, it is nothing like the damaging clouds that come from second-hand smoke.

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