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Is vaping cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

Smoking has been a habit for centuries. People all across Australia enjoy a cigarette, whether it is on a night out, after a hard day at work, or on a quick break during their busy lives. Smoking, though, is an expensive habit. What used to be a cheap and cheerful way to let off some steam can now be compared to the price you might pay for a car. For many, then, a cheaper way to enjoy the same stress release of a cigarette is to turn to vaping. Is this true, though? Is vaping cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

Let us look at the rough figures you might be paying for a smoking habit versus a vaping habit.

Is vaping cheaper than smoking cigarettes? In short, yes

The simplest way to answer you query is that yes, smoking is more expensive than vaping by a considerable margin.

A study found that vaping is as much as 90% cheaper than picking up a pack of cigarettes. If you are a regular smoker – i.e. in the 10+ per day region – you could be easily spending as much as $250 every single week on cigarettes. Add that up over a month, and you could be spending anything from $1,000 to $1,200 just on cigarettes. That is a huge amount of money – in many ways, smoking is the most expensive habit you have.

And what about vaping? Buying a disposable iGet vape, or some e-liquid for a vape you already own, could cost you around $20-30 per week. Over a month, that is around $80-120 per month. That’s right; you could be spending around half of what you spend in a single week on smoking to cover an entire month of vaping. And that is not being shy with using your e-liquid; it simply spreads further!

Why is vaping so much cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

There are quite a few reasons for this. For one, the quantity of ingredients used to make a pack of cigarettes is night and day to the quarter of ingredients for e-liquids. Cigarettes are made up not just of tobacco, but of a whole army of different add-ons and extras. This makes the cigarette more expensive to make, meaning the cost is pushed on to the buyer.

The other factor is the health side of things. While vaping is still in the main being studied and understood, smoking has long been regarded as unhealthy. It is damaging to the individual and anyone who inhales the second-half smoke. As such, the tax on smoking cigarettes is steep due to the personal and societal cost. Indeed, the cost of smoking can cost Australia north of $100 billion every single year. 

Smoking costs more to the public purse, and it costs more to make. That is why your vapes cost you far less than going for a simple pack of cigarettes.

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