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Why quitting smoking is easier with the help of vaping

Today, the options for smokers to turn to have never been more diverse. Smoking has been a decades-old habit, but it has long been understood that smoking is bad for our health. With more and more Australians looking to change their lifestyle, many are turning to the ‘nuclear’ option of quitting smoking.

As you undoubtedly have found out yourself, stopping completely is extremely challenging. For some, it can be too much. That is why you might choose to go down the route of using an iGet Vape instead. According to a survey carried out by the National Drug Strategy, there is a considerable rise in the number of people giving up classic tobacco smoking and instead moving to vaping.

Why are people moving to vaping over smoking?

Why? Because, as you no doubt know yourself, stopping smoking is extremely tough!

From breaking the habit to finding an alternative to manage short-term stress, it is extremely hard to simply ‘move on’ from smoking. There are many benefits, though, including:

  • Reducing the risk of health impacts caused by carcinogens and toxins within cigarettes
  • Minimising health damage to your lungs and body through prolonged use of cigarettes
  • Removing an addictive substance from your life that can maintain a hold over you
  • Finding alternative means to overcome stress in the short term without the consequences
  • Save yourself money, as cigarettes can be extremely expensive to buy for the average Australian

However, if you were to turn to using a vape instead, you can enjoy many of the benefits above. Vaping removes up to 95% of the toxins that are found within a traditional cigarette. Your vape also does not reach anything like the temperatures of a cigarette when lit, meaning there is far less opportunity for carcinogens to form. Combustion is a major part of why smoking is so unhealthy: it is not the nicotine but the smoke that causes most health issues.

Vaping carries a fraction of the risk that you would likely find in cigarettes. It also comes with far less nicotine in each cartridge than you get with cigarettes. As such, you can get yourself off this addictive (if harmless) substance. The risk that comes from smoking is the toxic substances added to cigarettes, such as benzene – it is not nicotine itself.

By moving to vaping, you could enjoy the benefits of smoking a cigarette – the stress relief, the continued habit, and the enjoyment of something you like – whilst removing almost all of the potential risks. Needless to say, this appeals to a great many people.

Should I quit smoking and buy an iGet Vape?

It depends on who you are, really. Many people wish to quit smoking entirely. Others, though, would prefer to continue to enjoy the habit – perhaps at a reduced rate. For those who wish to either cut the cost of smoking or reduce the health risks, vaping offers the healthiest alternative. It is cheaper, safer, simpler to enjoy, and more tolerated in public places and spaces.

Thanks to the reduced nicotine intake and quantity, it is easier to move towards quitting smoking slowly but surely. Vaping, especially one of our iGet Vape packages, can be either the ideal alternative or the more affordable, manageable route toward stopping entirely.

Should you turn to vaping, then? For many, it is the ideal alternative. While some might argue that quitting entirely is the ‘preferred’ choice, not every smoker wants to stop completely. They simply want a healthier alternative. With a vape, you can enjoy that alternative. Why not take a look at our iGet Vapes, then, and see for yourself what you could be enjoying instead of an actual cigarette?