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Why is vaping so popular with all age groups?

In the society we live in today, it is often easy to separate generations based on their interests. While many of an older generation prefer more traditional methods of information gathering such as reading, younger people prefer tech-boosted content like videos and podcasts. The same goes for habits such as smoking and vaping, right? Well, not really!

Yes, there is a prevalence for e-cigarette usage among young Australians. Indeed, a survey by the National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that around the numbers are quadrupling among younger people. Older Australians, though, are not exactly averse to the idea of using a vape themselves. Vaping in Australia is a cross-generational experience, and there are several reasons for that.

Why is vaping so popular with all age groups?

It is safer than smoking

For many people, of all ages, being health-conscious is now very important. For that reason, many people who would have been drawn to smoking traditionally see vaping as the safer equivalent. By removing the majority of the health risks, vaping allows people who are interested in smoking to try out a cleaner, less carcinogenic equivalent.

It is cheaper than smoking

Money is a big thing whether you are a student, or you have just received your pension. Getting your money to last is not easy, but vaping is much cheaper than smoking. You can find out more about this in our price comparison guide. People of all ages can save a lot of money when they vape over smoking, which is why it is a cross-generational enjoyment.

It is bought in-store and online

You can just as easily buy a vape online as you can in a store near your house. This makes it suitable for people of all ages. Other tech-based habits are usually kept to the online sphere, so it can be harder for the older generations to buy them with confidence. With vaping, though, you can pick up a disposable vape online or in-store without any real issues.

While our iGet Vapes are typically online-only, our buying process is so simple than even someone who has never ordered online before should have no problems.

Vaping is more socially accepted

Smoking has become a vice that many people look to discourage you from doing. Most public places will ban or limit smoking, and smoking indoors is extremely rare. Vaping, though, tends to be far more socially acceptable. If you were to use a vape in company, you are less likely to get people moving away from you as if you just pulled out a vial of the plague!

That can make it a bit easier for you to feel socially comfortable vaping. Smoking can feel like something you need to hide; vaping tends to come with a fraction of the negative connotations associated with smoking standard cigarettes.

So, as you can see, using a vape is not something that is only for ‘young’ or ‘old’ people – it is for everyone. If you enjoy the habit of vaping, then you can enjoy this so long as your health permits. It does not matter about your age, so do not assume that vaping is for the youth of tomorrow or the current golden generation. If you want to vape, you can – regardless of your age!