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Strawberry Infused Cream Chargers 10/50

Strawberry Infused Cream Chargers 10/50
Strawberry Infused Cream Chargers 10/50
Strawberry Infused Cream Chargers 10/50
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- Flavoured with strawberry essence so you can infuse your culinary creations
- Make amazing cream creations at home, whipping up is a piece of cake!
- Multiple culinary uses, use it to infuse cocktails, flavour sauces, make mousse and so much more!
- Made from 100% recyclable steel
- Guaranteed to have no oily residue
- Every charger is guaranteed to be the same premium quality

Contains only 100% pure nitrous oxide with a minimum of 8g-8.2g

Available in Packs of 10 or 50
*conditions apply, 18+ only, do not misuse product



    • We have a policy of only selling to adults over the age of 18 and may ask for identification

    • If we suspect you may misuse our goods, we reserve the right to refuse sale

    • The inert gas within the Cream Chargers is Nitrous Oxide.
    Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide holds numerous major health risks.
    Some, but not all, of the associated risks from misuse are;
    asphyxiation, vitamin deficiencies, narcosis, potentially death.

    • We reserve the right to sell or limit the amount of goods sold

    • By visiting the website and/or making a purchase you confirm
    you are aware of the HAZARDOUS aspects of Nitrous Oxide
    You confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and it is an
    offence to provide false information
    You confirm you do not intend to misuse and/or supply the
    goods to anyone who is under the age of 18, who may

    • We hold no responsibility for any persons who may potentially
    misuse our goods.

    • If you or anyone affiliated with you is suspected of misusing
    and/or breaching any of the terms on this declaration, you will
    be blocked and blacklisted from all future trades.