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What are the primary benefits of vaping? Is it for me?

Vaping is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to quit smoking cigarettes. It has become the ideal way to give up an expensive, health-damaging habit and replace it with something equally satisfying. What, though, are the primary benefits of vaping? Why should you think about making this change today?

Can vaping change your life for the better? Let’s discuss.

The main benefits of vaping over smoking cigarettes

The price is much easier to stomach

When you are used to smoking, you could be spending close to three figures per week just on cigarettes. Australians can find smoking to be a very expensive habit to keep up. Vaping, by contrast, is much cheaper!

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The taste is much more enjoyable

Many people find that smoking cigarettes is unenjoyable because of the taste. It is harsh and does not really provide an enjoyable flavour. Compare that with vapes, which can range from sweet to fruity to aromatic, and you can enjoy a much more satisfying taste.

Instead of having to stomach the taste of a traditional cigarette, vaping gives a far more enjoyable taste in the mouth. Now, you won’t need to reach for a drink just to get rid of that smoky, tobacco stench that lingers in the mouth after each and every draw!

Vaping is healthier than smoking

By removing up to 95% of the toxins that are found in a traditional smoke, one of the main benefits of vaping is the health benefit. While it is not entirely free from potential health risks, vaping is much healthier than sticking to smoking.

If a primary reason for quitting cigarettes is the health reasons, vaping can give you a healthier alternative that is much easier to use for a prolonged period without the risks.

There is no combustion

Vaping only takes your e-liquid to a specific temperature prior to reaching combustion. This means that you are not creating the carcinogens that come with combustion. This alone makes vaping safer than smoking. Add in the fact that e-liquid cartridges are made with much safer ingredients – propylene glycol and/or glycerol, plus a flavouring – compared to the chemical cocktail that is a cigarette, and you are removing some of the most egregious risks of smoking cigarettes long-term.

Less second hand risk

Another huge benefit of vaping is that it is far less dangerous to those around you. If you share a home or a public space, then vapour is far less damaging in terms of secondhand smoke. It can provide you with the same habitual enjoyment and stress relief, all without the secondhand smoking annoying people around you – or impacting on the health of your family and friends.

Indeed, there is no evidence at present that shows second hand vapour is damaging to other people. From a health perspective, then, the benefits of vaping are clear.

Are you interested in trying the benefits of vaping for yourself?

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